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Driver Assistance Technology

» Driver Assistance Technology (PDF)

Nav+ HD

» Kenworth Nav+ HD (PDF)

» Operators Guide (PDF)

NoteLarge Note: Chassis produced from April 14, 2015 through May 12, 2017 require the update below to be able to receive future over-the-air updates. Without this update and an active Wi-Fi connection, you will not receive notification of future updates or be able to download over-the-air updates.

CautionLarge Caution: The Nav+ HD model number (DEA600 or DEA601) must be correctly identified to determine the correct software version. Installing the incorrect software version will disable the Nav+ HD unit. Follow the instruction in the Software Update Procedures to identify the Nav+ HD model.
Contact Pana-Pacific for assistance at 1-866-253-7027 if this occurs. Repairs for this condition are not covered by the Kenworth Warranty.

» Software Update Procedures (PDF)

» Software Update Download

Over-The-Air Updates

» Over-The-Air Updates (PDF)

Truck Tech

» Kenworth Truck Tech (PDF)

Remote Diagnostics and Service Management

» Remote Diagnostics and Service Management (PDF)