Kenworth SuperTruck 2

We Saved The World's Best For Last

Kenworth invented the aero truck with the T600 and the trend continues to the most aerodynamic production truck yet, the T680. The SuperTruck 2 was developed over a 6-year period as part of a collaboration with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) SuperTruck program, designed to challenge truck makers with improving freight efficiency using a diesel engine as the main power source.


  • 136% Freight Efficiency Improvement

  • 12 MPG Average

  • Record 55.7% Engine Efficiency

  • 7,100 LB Combination Weight Reduction

  • 48% Aero Improvement


  • PACCAR MX-11 Engine

  • PACCAR TX-12 Transmission

  • 48V Mild Hybrid System

  • Center Driver

  • Digital Mirror System

  • Reverse Splayed Chassis


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Ultra Fuel Efficient

Ultra-fuel-efficient tractor-trailer combination combines aero improvements and weight savings to haul more payload.

Mild Hybrid Powertrain

Mild hybrid system with PACCAR MX-11 Engine and TX-12 Transmission combined with a 48-volt hybrid motor.

Digital Mirror System

Integrated digital mirror system enables enhanced rearview monitoring, with trailer tracking capability and night vision enhancements.

The Driver's Cockpit

Central driver position with parabolic windshield.

Variable Suspension System

Variable suspension system to customize ride height and optimize aerodynamics.

Sleeper Berth

Unique sleeper berth with rotating table top, sofa bed and a Murphy bed.